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Good list. Some thoughts:

- Consulting firms do change what they offer relatively frequently (from implementing SAP to implementing Agile). How they deliver it hasn’t changed much in 30 years.

- Might be interesting to think how firm size relates to innovation capability.

- Agree that big consulting firms tend to service big corporate and government clients - who also suck at innovation and tend to value reliability over new fangle stuff.

- Agree that the economics of product businesses are very different to services businesses (you can get a new service cash flow positive in 3-6 months. A product will take 2-4 years)

On the other hand:

- Automation is already starting to transform audit businesses. Which has a major impact on leverage models, talent pipeline, etc.

- The partnership model is starting to break down with salary vs equity partner structures emerging

- What do you reckon to this? https://www.danielsusskind.com/the-future-of-the-professions

- And this? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/joeomahoney_chatgpt-solves-mckinsey-case-activity-7024712161843118080-bPf4?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios

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